Shell Helix Diesel Plus 10W40

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Helix Diesel Plus is an advanced, synthetic technology based lubricant for superior engine protection in all driving conditions, whatever your diesel car.


·     All passenger car and light diesel engines, including turbo diesel.

Performance Features and Benefits

·     Superior engine protection and life

In all driving conditions, including the ones with frequent stop and go like city driving as well as high revs, in today’s efficient passenger car diesel engines and better than any conventional oil.

·     Peace of mind due to extended laboratory and field tests

Extensively tested and proven by Shell Technologists including field trials with key passenger diesel cars.

·     Excellent protection for turbocharged cars

Exceeds industry standards.

·     Enhance fuel economy and better cold starting

Low viscosity, rapid oil flow and low friction effectively contribute towards reducing fuel consumption and better cold starting.

·     Low oil consumption

The use of selected base oils reduce the oil volatility and therefore the oil consumption. The need of oil top up is therefore reduced.


Specification and Approvals

Helix Diesel Plus 10W-40 exceeds the requirements of all major car manufacturers and the following industry standards:

API                   CF

ACEA               B3-98

BMW                Special Oil List

Mercedes Benz Sheet 229.1

Peugeot-Citroen Meets PSA D requirements

Rover               Registered

VW                   505.00


Clasa Vascozitate: 10W40
Ambalaj: bidon1 litru; bidon 4 litri; butoi209 litri

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